Strategic Plan Timeline


September-October Development of plan for strategic planning *Consultation regarding composition of task force, guiding principles, etc.
November-March 1, 2018 Input and launch of strategic plan process *Processes to include in person and online opportunities to campus, community, and alumni stakeholders to provide input
March 1-April 15, 2018 Synthesis of information by planning committees *This period also includes the commitment to seek further information in areas that may need further input or attention at this point in the process.
April 16-May 16, 2018 Reporting out of findings and drafting of strategic direction documents for further input and refinement
May 24, 2018            Strategic plan outline shared with campus community and external stakeholders.
Fall 2018 Full launch and implementation of plan.


Goals, outcomes, and pathways to implementation shall be identified as part of the implementation planning that occurs after the process is complete.