Casino Night

Nov 18, 2017 , 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Student Center Ballrooms
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RSA, ASP, Student Involvement and the Village Councils
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Come out and join us for Casino Night in the ballroom!!! It will be filled with lots of games, food, prizes and activities. We will have a variety of Casino games like poker, blackjack etc. There will be free food during the whole night, and you will be able to win amazing prizes. The more games you play the more prizes you could win. The event starts at 8pm in the ballroom and it will be a great opportunity to meet new people and have a fun time playing casino games. Dress to impress and join us for a night at the casino. Casino Night is brought to you by RSA, ASP, Student Involvement and the Village Councils!

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November 18, 2017
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